TU Delft rejection based on portfolio - bazuka shot!! Need honest feedback!!!


Hey, I was applying to TU Delft second time. Have just received letter of rejection...

After first rejection, I worked with TU Delft alumni in order to meet their requirements and critics...

Here's what they write this time:

"The Selection Committee considers the quality of your portfolio insufficient. There is not sufficient demonstration in the portfolio of an academic approach to the subject of architecture, meaning a critical, thoughtful and open attitude to design, and the ability to link conceptual understanding with practice. The portfolio does not demonstrate the required abilities to communicate in a concise way and to express ideas effectively. There is not sufficient evidence in the portfolio of experience in problem based, solution-oriented and coherent approaches to the discipline of architecture and to the relationship between research and design. The portfolio does not demonstrate sufficient knowledge of architectural typology and composition. Basic knowledge of applied building technology is not clearly demonstrated. The presentation of the projects in the portfolio in words and drawings does not explain sufficiently their architectural character and quality. "

It  sounds like I don't know anything about architecture - even a bit funny.

Can anyone give me straight and honest feedback on my portfolio?

Is there any  sense to appeal??

I'll send it by email to those who agree to help!!

Feb 7, 16 4:12 pm

I'm curious what your portfolio looks like and I've been on a board reviewing applications and portfolios

Feb 7, 16 5:06 pm

@onik, why don't you post your portfolio here (place a link to your portfolio), so you can get diverse feedback on your portfolio. It will also helpful if you mention about the program you applied to and what is your background. That way people can pinpoint which part of your portfolio that needs improvement.



Feb 7, 16 11:53 pm

i saw tu-deflt master apllications

they received 170 application and accept 20 only per master

so your chances are low :(

hope the best 4 u

Feb 8, 16 3:55 am

Post your portfolio here to get multiple crits!

Feb 8, 16 9:08 am

Damn that's a harsh rejection letter

Feb 8, 16 11:54 pm

Hey Onik, I got accepted to the 2 year MSc program at TU Delft. Honestly, would've been devastated if I got a letter like that. I'll have a look at it if you'd like to compare notes. Do share a link.

Feb 9, 16 12:33 pm

I got a similar rejection when I applied in 2008. My portfolio didn't demonstrate enough experimentation in design or something like that, etc. etc.. I had a laugh, shrugged, and went to KA in Copenhagen instead. 

Honestly admissions @ TU Deflt seem pretty conceited but when the balance of applications runs in your favor, you can afford to be picky. What I'm surprised about is that they actually take the time to give such individual, damning feedback. In some sense this is what we need when we get rejection, but in another sense... it's so overly critical that it's almost unbelievable.

Post your portfolio!

Feb 9, 16 3:46 pm

Hey guys!

So, here is a link to my portfolio:

Don’t know what shall I add….

I was applying for the Architecture track…. formerly I’m a Bachelor from Kiev Art Academy (Ukraine), finished on 2013...

Please leave your frank and straightforward critics!

Will be very grateful for that!!!

Feb 9, 16 4:42 pm

I have gone through your portfolio. It is very well organized and designed but in my view the projects you have displayed do not demonstrate enough complexity in terms of scale and contextual requirements that is perhaps sought by the university. I found the first project quite interesting but thereafter the kindergarten, private house and jumping house were not so impressive to me. Particularly the graduation project -- it seems a bit too abstract and utopian to me. I'm not aware of the European standards for selection of thesis project but in my country we are required to deal with much larger area programs, tough site constraints and volume of occupants. Another thing I feel is very important in the portfolio is that it thoroughly demonstrates your inclination towards your chosen track. Although you chose the architecture track your intentions don't clearly shine through. The selection of projects seems a bit haphazard to me. I would've left out the jumping house and the private residence and gone with more challenging projects showing detailed and complex functions.

Feb 10, 16 4:40 am

Also, renderings are great but why no physical models?

Feb 10, 16 4:46 am

Thanks, gradschoolaspirant!

In selecting the projects i tried to follow one of their tips:

......A portfolio should reflect the scope and variety of your previous training and experience with specific emphasis on your knowledge of and skills in the degree track for which you are applying.....

so I tried to show scope and variety...

Don't know about physical models...they are not done in the way I would like them to be so I decided not to place not great stuff...

By the way, congratulations with admission at  TU Delft!!

Is there any chance to see your application portfolio? It would be cool to see the one which they like!

Feb 10, 16 5:10 am

Was there a strict size limit? I only see four projects in here, and - as gradschoolaspirant said - only one of ambitious scale. The residential project is interesting, and I'd include it in a portfolio for a job at a residential firm, but for graduate study it's less influential. Similarly, the jumping house is a fun, imaginative project that could serve as a bit of relief in a spread between more substantial ones, but as 25% of your work represented, it falls way short.

This portfolio isn't necessarily bad, it's just thin. I suspect that's why the admissions committee chose to pass on you. 

Feb 10, 16 12:32 pm

Thank you tduds.

The limit was 5 projects and no more 30 pages A4

Feb 10, 16 3:23 pm

poop876, have you been on board in Delft?

Feb 10, 16 3:53 pm


Feb 10, 16 3:53 pm

Onik ,

The private house project shouldn't have been in the folio to start with. Far too much texts and unnecessary detail drawings ( this would probably be ok for job application ). You've got decent works but the layout and graphic are bland and dont do your projects justice.

Feb 10, 16 10:21 pm

Meddle, thanks for the comment!

Feb 11, 16 4:33 am

Okay, tell me guys - is there any point in appealing?? (I have right for this)

Feb 11, 16 6:41 am

No. Move on

Feb 11, 16 8:59 pm

If you feel strongly that you are right and committee was wrong, you should definitely appeal.

Seeing your folio, I feel the committee may have these "default/ template" response and maybe went too harsh.

Personally, I felt your folio as something dull because its too clean like leaflets from a home appliance centre.  I was looking for dirt or risks and I only felt that with your Jumping house project.

Try looking at how Junya Ishigami or Sou Fujimoto interprets their architectural ideas to a form of proposal.  It may help.

Feb 24, 16 6:56 am

It definitely sums up architecture school when a REAL project you worked on with REAL clients, REAL budgets and REAL limitations should not be included in your portfolio. Dude start working and earning and learning don't waste your time in school, sit in on classes if you want to learn the theory so badly. 

Feb 24, 16 10:05 am

Hey guys! 

I am new here, and I just saw this topic as I am completing my portfolio to apply at Tu Delft. I think in my case this feedback here is very helpfull. So I wanted to ask @gradschoolaspirant, can you please share your portfolio too, so I and maybe others are able to compare their work and maybe get eventually better portfolio to apply with? 
This would be very, very kind of you! 
Thanks in advance! 

Jan 20, 19 8:18 am

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