Emergency ? Thesis Topic


I dont want to act like a guy who is on a deadline and begging for thesis topic.

My name is Sagar Chitrakar, from Nepal ,and my I am doomed for my thesis for now..... I was gona do Museum of Contemporary Art and had a real strong base. I did quite a research on its content and I got beaten by another person during proposal submission which was entitled Museum of Modern art , a person who couldn't even answer a definition of modern art....ouchh that hurts...

The thesis supervisor told me that he based on first come first serve and he was not willing to even compare my proposal with the other person...

SOOO..the thing is my 6 month of research all went it drain...Till now I cant even brainstorm for new topics....

I wanted to integrate social interaction with art as a base but then there are couple of topics related to art and he told me to think something....

I cant even think of any topic....

Nepal is a poor place , with only Kathmandu in the rise..booming in commercial sector where the difference between poor and rich is increasing day by day, I want to design a PUBLIC institute for a community without bias...may be you guys can throw me some topic idea...that wud be a great help :D:D

Feb 2, 11 7:18 am

These are my random thoughts

Aids Research Centre
School of Art
Resource Centre

Feb 2, 11 8:02 am

Your thesis should be more than just a building type. Think about the ideas behind it. They should be able to translate into another typology. If you can identify/clearly express those ideas and a museum space is the optimal program to explore these ideas then maybe you can convince your advisors to rethink their decision. I mean, what do they expect 30 different typologies from 30 different students?? Otherwise just work a gallery space into another program. But if you can't think of strong reasons why you should do a museum then maybe your advisor is right. Besides, everyone does museums, libraries, cultural buildings, etc. in school and only a few produce them out of school.

Feb 2, 11 9:37 am

tactile is right. look into doing something like a series over the larger urban plan of small prefab studios or communal spaces. there are many ways to get around this dilemma, just get away from it for a day, go have fun and party, then go back.

Feb 2, 11 10:03 am

do have have to start from scratch? how about a Community Arts Center. A school for the community, all ages, to learn and practice creating modern art.

Feb 2, 11 10:39 am
Justin Ather Maud

How about a Center for Environmental Studies? With an emphasis on Glacial melting? This has the potential for mixing a quite diverse group of cultural groups.

Feb 2, 11 11:38 am

What about a community transition centre - you mention a growing divide between rich and poor. Perhaps this is a centre for rural people immigrating from the countryside, or urban economic refugees. It could be a refuge and training centre, a mini economic zone focused on arts and crafts. A mixture of residential, arts, culture and economic programmes. A commentary on changing social norms.

Feb 2, 11 3:20 pm

i see a building project in the making rather than a thesis.

Feb 2, 11 3:54 pm

Its like I proposed another topic related to ART and COMMUNITY , Again I got rejected.

I loved the Community Transition Center. I current scenario of Kathmandu is Slums are growing like wild mushrooms along the banks of Bagmati. Even though there is this UN park which was suppose to be a breather for the river, its not doing anything at all. Diabase I really love ur idea..

I will try to get deep into the situation :D

another idea was

Feb 3, 11 11:32 pm

OK here is a draft for my proposal

Thesis proposal
“Environmental Sustainability Retreat”

-Sagar Chitrakar


Environmental Sustainability Retreat is a learning and research center. It is a sustainable design-building project, whose main motive is to establish a holistic green community with first hand public experience. It encourages the community to participate and be more passionate about sustainable living.

The retreat center will act as a living laboratory, open to the entire community. There will be a research centre dedicated to sustainable research, a library, a media center for the videos and presentations, an auditorium, a craft center where recycled objects will be used as a medium for art and a gallery to display them.

A residency will be provided for the researchers and interested groups of the community. Sustainability techniques will be incorporated within the residency to give the first hand experience to the dwellers. An interaction zone will be provided within the residency for the exchange of knowledge within groups.

This project is proposed to infuse the downtown and emphasize as a resource centre. A center that will make the community realize that being environmentally friendly is not just a behavior but also a lifestyle. Beside establishing itself as a educational institution, it’s a public facility where anyone from the community can get a first hand experience on sustainability, it’s a gallery for an artist to express his creativity and it’s a model for energy efficient building

Feb 4, 11 6:45 am

It sounds like a first year project. Seems like you're trying to find an easy way out of a thesis.

Feb 5, 11 4:34 pm

hey, if you want - you could design ur thesis around this village in eastern Nepal where we're working- - just a thought among many.

Mar 10, 11 7:56 pm

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