Mies Cruciform column, any others?


Hi in my studio im looking at the generic space, and how elements architectural elements such as the column can affect the way space is used. I started looking at Mies cruciform column as reductive element that generates different spaces, do any of you guys know any other great column designs that start enganging and producing the spaces they inhabit? Many thanks!

Oct 12, 10 6:36 am

i'm a big fan of concrete columns made with soft forms, allowing the slumping of the concrete as it falls into place and solidifies to make the formal expression of the thing. don't recall any names right away, but there have been a few people experimenting with this, trying to work out the right form practices and the right balance of control/accident.

Oct 12, 10 8:09 am

You might try looking at the 2 columns in Shim-Sutcliffe's Laneway House or those in Patkau Architects Barnes House, however, these examples aren't really generic spaces.

Oct 12, 10 9:45 am
won and done williams

probably my favorite piece of modern architecture is corbusier's weber pavillion in zurich. of course you can't miss the structural expression of the superstructure, but i've always been more fascinated by the detailing of the little box underneath it. it similarly uses joined angles for both structure and window/panel frame details. i'm not sure it's quite what you are looking for, but i like to bring it up whenever i get a chance.

Oct 12, 10 9:48 am

Kunstmuseum Bonn, by Axel Schultes

Oct 12, 10 10:00 am
won and done williams

you may also want to look at ed ford's details of modern architecture for isometric drawings of the weber pavillion and other good examples.

Oct 12, 10 10:04 am

study the ancient egyptian papyrus columns at karnak (respect!)

Oct 12, 10 12:10 pm

Steven, I'm surprised you like the bulgy sumpy concrete column work! I love it.

Names for that type of work: Mark West and Kenzo Unno, both via CAST, the University of Manitoba's Centre for Architectural Structures and Technology.

Oct 12, 10 12:23 pm
creativity expert

Antonio Gaudi's columns look them up.

Oct 12, 10 12:54 pm
Distant Unicorn

Don't forget Minoan "upside-down" top-heavy columns.

Oct 12, 10 1:32 pm

Ito's Sendai Mediatheque

Oct 12, 10 1:45 pm

koolhaas' tree column at the kunsthal rotterdam...

wright's mushroom columns at the johnson wax administration building...

Oct 12, 10 3:26 pm
Oct 12, 10 3:39 pm
Distant Unicorn

Don't forget architectural columns.

Oct 12, 10 3:45 pm

speaking of corb and cruciform 'columns', plan voisin:

Oct 12, 10 4:40 pm

Junya Ishigami's KAIT workshop building uses over 300 uniquely sized columns to create rather loose boundaries of space; some are cast into the floor to support the roof and others are hung from the ceiling and tied to prevent lateral loads/ provide earthquake stability.

Oct 12, 10 7:32 pm

Don't forget the world trade center twin towers. The innovative curtainwall eliminated the need for interior columns of any kind.

The design didn't stand up to additional live load scrutiny though.

SOM pretty much invented the tube-frame structural system that has been in use since the '60's. All of the tube design variations greatly reduce the need for interior columns (not counting the core).

Oct 12, 10 8:02 pm

I was looking for something else and jumped into this columns solution that could remind also of Zaha Hadid or Rem Koolhaas Villa dall'Ava.
The picture instead is a house by Fernando Maculan and Pedro Morais near Belo Horizonte in Brazil.
I wanted to show you instead the steel columns used in Brazil in the 60s where the top part splits into two sections. You also have the very sculptural columns designed by Niemeyer


Oct 14, 10 6:01 am

Smiljan Radic

Oct 14, 10 11:21 am

or - here's a better one

Oct 14, 10 11:24 am

Not so well known in US, British Architect -John Outram
Giant order..iconography, Kahn, services in column.

Oct 18, 10 3:52 pm

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