Formation Association

Formation Association

Los Angeles, CA



Crawlspace is a small shelter for feral cats which doubles as a bench for two or more people.

Endowed with floating shoulder bones, cats are able to crawl through narrow spaces the width of their skulls.  Leveraging the feline skeletal structure, Crawlspace forms an undulating lattice structure through which cats can escape their larger predators to find sanctuary. 

Crawlspace acts as a social node for both feral cats and the people who are dedicated to working with them.  On the field, volunteer cat workers may use the flat surface of the structure for rest or as a communal workbench.  At twilight, cats will squeeze in and out of the billowing surfaces within.  While the two parties may not always use the structure simultaneously,  its form  suggests the association of both.

Exhibited at the Herman Miller showroom in Los Angeles, Crawlspace is Formation Association’s contribution to ‘Architects for Animals: Giving Shelter’, an exhibit of architect-designed feral cat shelters.

In collaboration with Los Angeles artist Edgar Arceneaux.

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Status: Built