Home Design Consultancy Embraces Dwellings as a Means to Reinvention of the Self

Fabrizia Zorzenon
Dec 5, '18 3:56 PM EST
House 19 - Single Family Home - Palm Springs
House 19 - Single Family Home - Palm Springs

Home Design Consultancy Embraces Dwellings as a Means to Reinvention of the Self. Evolvere Abitando helps clients lead fulfilling lives through thoughtful home design.

LOS ANGELES, California—Evolvere Abitando, a design consultancy agency launched in London in 2016, is pleased to announce the forthcoming expansion of its services into the Los Angeles market. The firm has previously established itself as a lauded and innovative home design consultancy in the London and Dubai design circles and is eager to partner with homeowners in Los Angeles to build their unique legacies through thoughtful and distinctive designs.  

Evolvere Abitando is the result of 20 years’ worth of research and design exploration and experience by the firm’s founder, Fabrizia Zorzenon. Zorzenon’s background includes formal education in architecture, with interests in art and scenography. Her PhD studies in architecture culminated in an interdisciplinary study of the economics and techniques needed to preserve architectural and environmental heritage.

Zorzenon’s interest in architectural heritage is infused in Evolvere Abitando’s residential home designs. The firm is also driven by a concept known by many as the Ancient Knowledge, which posits that man is the creator of his own reality. Evolvere Abitando combines Ancient Knowledge and a passion for architecture in its designs, which focus not only on beauty and functionality but also reinvention. Zorzenon’s philosophy, as is woven throughout the fabric of Evolvere Abitando’s work, is that through thoughtful home design, the firm can help homeowners achieve fulfillment and reinvent themselves, allowing them to live the lives they have always wanted to live.

The firm offers three levels of design services to help match clients’ unique needs. The Essential Design Program is a short-term program through which Evolvere Abitando’s consultants will help assess a client’s personality and design needs and lay out a plan to help enact it. With the Dedicated Design Program, firm consultants will help identify clients’ design personality and map out the entire scope of the design project so the client and the client’s contractor have a complete plan to enact it. The most comprehensive of the firm’s services is the White Gloves Design Program, through which Evolvere Abitando’s consultants handle all aspects of the creation and implementation of your home’s design project.

All three levels of the firm’s services are guided by Evolvere Abitando’s design philosophy of reinvention, as discovered through an innovative tool called The Map of Opportunities. This tool focuses on alignment and understanding what each client’s needs are. The firm believes that through discovering each client’s essence and their real biologic needs, a design plan can be enacted that is harmonious with his or her expectations and help drive alignment and reinvention that all people seek.

“At Evolvere Abitando, by combining architecture with ancient knowledge, this is exactly what we do,” said Fabrizia Zorzenon. “We create houses that can truly help you bring harmony and perfection into your life--houses that can elevate your state of wellbeing and provide you with the stimuli and momentum you need to take the quantum leap and deliberately create the reality that you always wanted to live.”

About Evolvere Abitando

Evolvere Abitando was founded in London in 2016 by Italian architect Fabrizia Zorzenon. The firm specializes in residential home design services for new or existing homes and focuses on innovative design that helps homeowners reinvent themselves and lead fulfilling lives. The firm maintains corporate presences in London, while opening new branches in Dubai and Los Angeles. For more information, visit Evolvere Abitando at