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Scientel Solutions Unveils New Telecommunications Headquarters

John W Clark
Aug 9, '18 5:42 PM EST
Scientel Solutions' New Telecommunications Headquarters / Cordogan Clark & Associates Architects
Scientel Solutions' New Telecommunications Headquarters / Cordogan Clark & Associates Architects

Scientel Solutions recently announced the construction of their new World Headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. The project--which includes construction of office space, retail center, warehouse space, and telecommunications tower--broke ground this spring and is underway.

Scientel Solutions is a telecommunications company that innovates and offers maintenance for emerging technology. Construction of the World Headquarters marks an exciting new chapter for Scientel. “This project is very special to us, it is our world headquarters,” said Nelson Santos, President & Co-founder of Scientel Solutions. “Over the past five years it has been a growth experience for Scientel, we opened our first office in Europe a little over a month ago, we have several offices throughout the United States and Canada, and this is where it all happens.”

The new telecommunications headquarters, designed by Cordogan Clark & Associates, supports Scientel’s mission: to hold and build their position as a leader in customer-focused solutions while responding to the diverse needs of clients. Like Scientel, the design is innovative in its use of emerging technology, sustainable, creates a “green” work environment, and helps this organization transition into the future. All main spaces are primarily day-lit to reduce the building’s carbon footprint. The curtain glass system has fritted glazing and integrated light shelves / fins to control glare. Its semi-exposed interior showcases the latest technological advancements in MEP design, such as 100% LED fixtures and high efficiency VRF units. Its exterior features a combination of Norman brick and aluminum composite panels.

Scientel will move from their current office in Lombard once construction is complete. The new headquarters significantly benefits Scientel, allowing them capacity to add 30 new employees; a total of 70 will work from this headquarters. The City of Aurora also benefits: Scientel has already made itself an active presence in the Aurora community. They have spoken at Waubonsee Community College, sponsored Vets Week in Aurora, and hosted charity golf outings. On an economic level, the construction of their new headquarters opens doors for Aurora to further develop the surrounding area, which has been a long-term goal of the City’s.