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Slipstream Installation now on Ebay

David Freeland
Aug 19, '12 6:00 PM EST

Slipstream an installation by FreelandBuck currently showing at the Bridge Gallery in New York. Alluding to Lebbeus Woods' 2010 'Slipstreaming' drawings of flow, the installation a is a single drawing extruded through the gallery space and cut away to produce a set of interconnected spaces. 

We have nowhere to store or re-erect it, so it is currently on auction on ebay starting at $1:

The exhibition will close and the project will be disassembled on Monday August 27th. Slipstream measures 9'-10"x 20'-10"x8'-3" tall and weighs approximately 250lb. The project can be picked up at the gallery at no cost or we can ship it to the buyer for the price of shipping. The auction ends Sunday August 26th.

Time lapse Installation