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New Calculator for Quick Estimation of Architectural Project from 3D-Ace Studio

By 3D-Ace
Mar 21, '14 7:57 AM EST

A new easy-to-use calculator for quick project estimation presented by 3D-Ace, 3D modeling and animation studio.  

An outsourcing Ukrainian company 3D-Ace Studio, which focuses on production of custom 3D models, animation and visual effects invites all perspective clients to use their new calculator for quick project estimation.

With this calculator 3D-Ace offers its customers some benefits that will facilitate their business growth through time and cost saving.

3D-Ace representatives hope their advanced calculator will improve and speed up the process of estimating a project. The calculator is designed for estimating architectural 3D modeling projects and has some distinctive features:

  • On-line estimate of costs and man/hours for a future project.
  • The calculator is absolutely free to use.
  • Multiple parameters enable accurate project estimate.
  • Users can send multiple quotes for any architectural project and select the most appropriate alternative.
  • In addition to fully functioning project calculator, 3D-Ace offers free professional consulting services.

Users can set all required parameters, define the intended use of a model and see how different selections affect the price and man/hours results.

3D-Ace representatives admit that final and more accurate estimate can be obtained through additional interaction with customer.

Besides, 3D-Ace offers full range of 3D modeling and animation services and free QA.

About 3D-Ace 

3D-Ace Studio has been successfully working as independent 3D modeling company since 2009 and is well-known for its top-quality 3D content, both low-poly and high-poly, produced for customers from different areas, such as advertising and marketing, architecture, education, manufacturing, military and government sectors.

3D-Ace Studio is constantly increasing the number of employees, welcoming talented 3D modelers, texturists, riggers, skinners and animators. Team members actively participate in specialized conferences, follow the latest trends and upgrade their skills.  

3D-Ace Studio always upholds its promise to deliver only custom 3d content on time and on budget. 3D-Ace Studio is also known for its custom oriented approach and commitment to innovative approach in business practices.

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