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3D-Ace has launched a new company website

By 3D-Ace
Mar 21, '14 7:52 AM EST

3D-Ace Studio, an outsourcing company focusing on 3D architectural visualization has launched a new company website, available online since December 2013.

3D-Ace officials expect this website to improve customer’s confidence and to widen company’s client base. In addition to 3D modeling services, 3D-Ace Studio will now offer the full cycle service including 3d modeling, rigging, skinning, texturing, lighting, animation, and visual effects.

A new company website is expected to open new prospects for customers, as the site is very rich in features, user-friendly and easy-to-manage.

Moreover, with this new site 3D-Ace Studio invites potential customers to try their 3D modeling services for free. Now everyone can send a test project to 3D-Ace, have it done for free and learn at first hand the top-quality of services, provided by this studio.

Another special offer, announced by the company is as follows: anyone who is looking for reliable 3D modeling company can now not only view company portfolio, but also get free access to company’s knowledgebase, namely, 3D artists/animators CVs, demo reels, case studies, presentations, etc. 

In the upcoming year 3D-Ace Studio is planning to launch free calculator for quick pre-project estimation.

More information about this 3d modeling service and awaited features is expected to come out in the coming days.

About 3D-Ace 

3D-Ace Studio has been successfully working as independent 3D modeling division of its parent company Program-Ace since 2009 and is well-known for its top-quality 3D content, both low-poly and high-poly, produced for customers from different areas, such as advertising, architecture, education, manufacturing, military and government.

3D-Ace Studio is constantly increasing the number of employees, welcoming talented 3D modelers, texturists, riggers, skinners and animators. Team members actively participate in specialized conferences, follow the latest trends and upgrade their skills.  

3D-Ace Studio always upholds its promise to deliver only custom 3d content on time and on budget. The Studio is also known for its custom oriented approach and commitment to innovative approach in business practices.

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