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Blurring publishing boundaries | Article with AR Interaction in DOMUS 956

By dpr-barcelona
Apr 4, '12 11:47 AM EST

From Line to Hyperreality. Article published on Domus 956 with AR interaction [for the first time]

In the current issue of Domus, which is dedicated to the theme of representation, our article "From Line to Hyperreality" surveys contemporary architectural representation, from traditional techniques to the latest innovations and advancements. Integrating the article are a number of images with augmented reality layers, enclosing added information, movement and animations.

From Perry Kulper to Aristide Antonas, from Xavier Claramunt to François Roche, a group of architects in a timeless dialogue examine the methods and aims of representation in architectural research today. In this case representation goes beyond, and for the very first time in architecture publications you can experience Augmented Reality [AR] content jumping out from printed and web pages.

We have worked it as part of our research on "blurring publishing boundaries".  This interaction was possible using Aurasma, an application which combines image recognition and a conceptual understanding of the 3D world, to recognize objects and images and seamlessly merge augmented reality actions into the scene.

To bring the images in the magazine to life, download Aurasma from your App Store or the Android Market. Point your mobile device at the images in the article that are tagged with a smartphone icon to access the extra features.

More info: dpr-barcelona