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Studio of Relativity, Inc. dba Relativity Architects

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Hatch+Colasuonno Studio is joining forces with Relativity Architects

By RelativityArchitects
Feb 18, '14 12:01 AM EST

Hatch-Colasuonno Studio is joining forces with Relativity Architects.


The merger of Hatch-Colasuonno Studio & Relativity Architects will create a new partnership that will capitalize on the resources of both.

The concept supporting this new organization which combines Hatch-Colasuonno Studio + Relativity Architects is to expand the tools and expertise available to each firm. Harriett Hatch and Luis Colasuonno bring with them more than thirty years of experience, particularly in the areas of urban renewal, multi-family and mixed use architecture.  After designing and building more than two thousand residential units, several LEED silver, gold and platinum projects, they have become highly familiar with energy efficient buildings as well as local, state, and Federal funding agencies' requirements.  Tima Bell and Scott Sullivan of Relativity Architects met during their graduate studies at the Southern California Institute of Architecture and have been collaborating since before their graduation in 1999.  Their practice has excelled in projects ranging from high-end hospitality and single-family residences to Motion Picture Production Studios.  Their concern for a balanced approach between quality and efficiency has made them exceed the limitations of conventional construction methodologies into the realm of alternative methods including, among others, Straw Bale technology.

The combination of this talented group of professionals will allow for an evolution of H/C Studio’s traditional commitment to architecture and Relativity Architect's interest in alternative methodologies with new technologies into a broader array of architectural solutions while maintaining the hands-on approach to service that has been a seminal characteristic of both firms.

This merger will allow current and future clients of both HC + RA to benefit from the synergy and resources that both teams bring together in a new setting that will foster continuous exchange and development with broader service possibilities for all clients.    As has been customary for both firms, current contracts will be entirely fulfilled in all commitments in their current form without interruption or modification.  We welcome new challenges that will allow us to bring the combined abilities of the partnership to bear.