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FREE / Architecture on the Loose, Edited by E. Sean Bailey and Erandi de Silva

By BI Publications
Nov 25, '13 6:15 PM EST




There is implicit conflict in the word ‘free’. While culturally we celebrate the infinite opportunities afforded by the ‘freedom to’, the term also alludes to emancipation, a break from a captive state, or a ‘freedom from’. ‘Free’ is, at its core, an architectural concept. Architecture is a discipline directly engaged with shaping enclosure, of erecting and toppling barriers or—more explicitly—of extending and limiting ‘freedoms’.

Pairing short extemporaneous texts with longer studied pieces, this volume, the first print publication from BI, presents a wide view on the notion of ‘free’, bringing together a multitude of perspectives, drawn from within and beyond the discipline, that together explore the term’s implications on architecture today.



Andreas Angelidakis, E. Sean Bailey, Shumon Basar, Aleksandr Bierig, Brook Denison, Erandi de Silva, Jill Desimini, Keller Easterling, Rachel Engler, James D. Graham, Micheal Holt, Corbin Keech, David Knowles, Marissa Looby, Amelia McPhee, Jack Murphy, Henry Ng, Kayoko Ota, Kari Rittenbach, Deen Sharp, Bernd Upmeyer, Josefine Wikström, Human Wu.


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