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RAW-WRAP - First Award in Architecture, Construction & Design by Rethinking the Future

Apr 5, '19 1:54 AM EST

RAW-WRAP has received the First Award in Architecture, Construction & Design Awards by Rethinking the Future!

I heard the news that we won the first award on March 19th but it was hard for me to celebrate this win as I was busy trying to catch up on business matters while recovering my documents after the theft in Amsterdam!

About the project:

The project had many challenges with lessons learned: one of them you should think twice about working with clients who doesn't have the experience and have multiple heads even if they really want to work with you!

In my case, they two partners disagreed and they didn't know who to trust and worse when the local consultant is weak and controlled by client/money! and what makes it harder is when a client is not willing to take responsibility for their own shortcomings and wants you to cover for all the changes!

Concept design took 6 months while it was supposed to finish in 8-10 weeks max. The client didn't have a brief so I had to help them coming up with the brief. I had to do more than Architectural design, I had to be in all sorts of meetings beyond my scope, sort out structural matters and even did the financial feasibility for the project which proved the project is very successful financially.

I am proud that I didn't give up and did absolutely my best however it took a lot from me and the people who worked on it.

I am grateful to all the people who helped me throughout the process. The team mentioned is only the last few people who saw it to the end of concept design. I can't thank enough each one of them for being patient and dedicated.

I am very lucky that the contract was written by me and it was signed by both..

Now it is time to celebrate the win!

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