RAW-NYC Architects

RAW-NYC Architects

New York, NY


For A New Iraq | Expo 2020

May 11, '19 12:25 AM EST

"I believe in the cross pollination of all Iraqi talents....

Across Generations
Across Disciplines
Across the World

No one is too old or too young.. We are looking for Iraqis and anyone who loves Iraq, we are looking for people who are driven and willing to create positive impact!
What drives us is our commitment to make Iraq visible, to highlight Iraqi talents, Iraq's history and its future potential!

To celebrate, to share with the world the untold stories of commitment and dedication by many Iraqis and their contribution whether to showcase Iraq's past, or project its future capabilities.

We are all united by love..❤

Thank you to all the amazing people who have so far supported this initiative. We welcome anyone who would like to join us." - RAYA ANI

For more information, please contact Farah Anoni at

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