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Atelier RZLBD

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The Empty Room: Fragmented thoughts on space / By: RZLBD

By rzlbd
May 27, '20 3:37 PM EST

The Empty Room: Fragmented thoughts on space


From the book back-cover:

Part aphorism and part manifesto, this book by Canadian architect Reza Aliabadi (RZLBD) references his ideas and thoughts about space. He suggests ‘the empty room’ as the very essence of architecture, and ‘the spatial experience’ as its highest mandate. Reza revisits architecture –not as the walls that enclose the space– but rather the space in-between the walls. What he calls an “anti-architecture” of invisible voids.

Where ingenious itineraries and openings and shootings can be orchestrated, Mr. Aliabadi has shown himself to be a high-order poet of volumes and voids.

_ John Bentley Mays for the Globe & Mail

Author: Reza Aliabadi (RZLBD)
Edited by: Ruth Grant
Concept: Atelier RZLBD, Toronto
Graphic Design: Actar Publishers
Printing & Binding: Gráficas Campás
Paper: Coral Book
Typeface: Adriane, Futura
Publisher: Actar Publishers. New York, Barcelona

Size: 11 x 18 cm
Illustrations: Black and White (text only)
Cover: Soft Cover
Pages: 112
Publication date: January 2020
ISBN: English 9781948765404
Price: 18,00€ / $19,95 USD / £16,00


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Snippets from The Empty Room, a book by RZLBD