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rzlbd's 100 has been commended at the Architectural Drawing Prize

By rzlbd
Nov 24, '17 3:24 PM EST
rzlbd 100
rzlbd 100


We are pleased to inform you that rzlbd’s 100 has been chosen by the jury as one of the commended drawings at The Architectural Drawing Prize and will be displayed in November at the 2017 World Architecture Festival in Berlin. The winning and shortlisted entries will then go to be displayed at Sir John Soane’s Museum in London from February 21 - April 14, 2018. 

The Architecture Drawing Prize received entries from architects and designers from around the world while celebrating drawing’s significance as a tool in capturing and communicating ideas. This is in the spirit of many great architects of the past from Palladio through John Soane to Le Corbusier and Cedric Price, who developed the device of drawing in different ways to advance the art of architecture. 

About 100

I had submitted myself to the space-making exercise of drawing a different isometric cube every night, for 100 consecutive days; each cube to be a 10 X 10 cm improvised freehand drawing with pen and black ink on paper. Subtraction was the only allowed operation in order to create variation. This predetermined set of rules led to a playful exploration of a new territory shaped through the repetition of a finite process. The use and reuse of this same geometry generated a series of comparable objects that is bigger than a mere collection of hollowed cubes.