Atelier RZLBD

Atelier RZLBD

Toronto, ON, CA


rzlbd hopscotch: the first monograph on rzlbd's work

By rzlbd
Apr 26, '17 4:46 PM EST
rzlbd hopscotch: press release 1/4
rzlbd hopscotch: press release 1/4



Brief Description

This publication is the first monograph on rzlbd’s work, focusing on the architectural practice’s built projects over the last five years, whilst including a selection of past works and polemical writings that set the foundation for the practice; rzlbd is a boutique architectural practice based in Toronto founded in 2010 by the architect Reza Aliabadi, whose work extends to designing buildings and objects, curating installations and expositions, and publishing a zine called rzlbdPOST. With a particular interest in the house as an archetypal model of the world, whilst implementing the guiding idea that design belongs to everyone and that ”modern has to be affordable”, the work of rzlbd occupies a unique position in its exploration of new ideas for contemporary infill dwellings.



Reza Aliabadi (rzlbd)



Martin Bressani (director, school of architecture, McGill University)

Leslie K Norford (professor, MIT Architecture)

Amir A Aliabadi (professor, University of Guelph)

John Bentley Mays (critic, The Globe & Mail)


Details & Specs

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 248 pages, 11 × 9 × 0.68 in

Published: May 30, 2017

Publisher: Artifice Books on Architecture

Language: English

ISBN - 10: 1908967900

ISBN - 13: 9781908967909

“Certainly at the scale of the stand-alone, single-family dwelling – where ingenious itineraries and openings and shuttings can be orchestrated – Mr. Aliabadi has shown himself to be a high-order poet of volumes and voids; rzlbd houses stand out, as they should, and they offer a bracing precedent for the ongoing revival of their tired streetscape.”   _ The Globe and Mail