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Atelier RZLBD

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Atelier RZLBD / Tar Pits: To LACMA with love

By rzlbd
Jun 8, '20 9:43 AM EST
Atelier RZLBD / Tar Pits
Atelier RZLBD / Tar Pits

100 Series* / Tar Pits: To LACMA with love**

Inspired by the La Brea Tar Pits, I submitted myself, every night for 100 consecutive days, to improvise an amorphous silhouette with only one continuous stroke — opening & closing a profile with an ink pen. This led to a playful exploration of a taxonomy shaped through a finite repetition of infinite possibilities.

Instead of representation, drawing becomes commentary. The generated matrix of comparable inkblot like objects, which is bigger than a mere collection of indeterminate ink drops, presents an account with many potential readings; could it be an appraisal, a critique, an approximation, or simply an assessment! _RZLBD

100 is an ongoing theme/project at Atelier RZLBD that explores serial works, taxonomy, typology, and iteration as a means to explore possibilities, to search for the best solution, if there is any; while remaining faithful to a set of rules, core beliefs, or a modus operandi if you will. Of course, this has been an old tradition among many artists and architects to investigate the creative potential of defined rules to articulate a body of work with coherence.

100 Tar Pits is an homage to Peter Zumthor, Chris Burden, and Woody Allen

100 Tar Pits
One hundred paintings (each 10cm x 10cm)
Black ink on Japanese paper
100cm x 100cm

© Atelier RZLBD / Reza Aliabadi / Toronto, Canada

Atelier RZLBD / Tar Pits: To LACMA with love