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100 Abject Towers by RZLBD (2x4 yellow LEGO bricks)

By rzlbd
Dec 27, '21 7:45 PM EST
100 Abject Towers by RZLBD – Matrix
100 Abject Towers by RZLBD – Matrix

100 Series* / Abject Towers (Yellow)

To each ego its object, to each superego its abject.

_ Julia Kristeva 

These days any built form has become either purely a servant to commercial establishment or a commodity for the media culture. Architecture is not an exception. As an art form it hesitates to present any objection to the commercial order; instead it has become its very subject. On the other hand it suffers to be an artistic subject, but it has become an object to facilitate other means. 

These imaginary towers are purely mental constructs. They exist in an ambiguous realm, somewhere between the concept of an object and the concept of a subject. They are not representations of real structures, yet they look familiar. They are possibilities cast off, rejected, yet they are not completely hopeless, they still carry an opportunity. Once an idea is out there, it will last forever. _ RZLBD


100 is an ongoing theme/project at Atelier RZLBD that explores serial works, taxonomy, typology, and iteration as a means to explore possibilities, to search for the best solution, if there is any; while remaining faithful to a set of rules, core beliefs, or a modus operandi if you will. Of course, this has been an old tradition among many artists and architects to investigate the creative potential of defined rules to articulate a body of work with coherence.


Medium: LEGO Bricks

Size: 2 x 4 (yellow modules)

2021, Toronto

© Atelier RZLBD / Reza Aliabadi / 2021, Toronto, Canada

100 Abject Towers by RZLBD (yellow)