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Old Ward Giving New Life to The Royal Berkshire Hospital

By yeomanshield
Aug 21, '13 6:10 AM EST
Maternity Unit - Wall Protection Paneling
Maternity Unit - Wall Protection Paneling

When converting an old ward to a new birthing unit, The Royal Berkshire Hospital chose to protect the vulnerable interior of the busy unit with Yeoman Shield wall and door protection products.

Keeping a busy environment, such as a hospital department, clean pristine looking, can be a difficult but important task. Walls, doors and skirting can all become damaged and marked by the everyday movement of trolleys, equipment, motorised tugs, the use of walking aids & wheelchairs.

The Royal Berkshire Hospital averted this damage from happening in the new Rushey Birthing Unit by installing Yeoman Shield wall and door protection products.

The new ward design has had the desired effect on mothers that have passed through the ward since being converted to the new maternity unit.

“The midwife lead unit is the perfect place for new mothers with the use of neutral colours within the ward it making it a calm and relaxing set up” said a first time mother, she added “I would highly recommend the ward”.

Yeoman Shield are proud to supply the products that aided the mothers to relax as much as possible before, during and after the birth. The fact that it was also the one of the first things all of the new babies were being witnessed to was an added bonus.

“First impressions are important, especially on a unit such as maternity and fitting Yeoman Shield will ensure that The Rushey Unit will stay looking clean & tidy for many years to come,” explains Yeoman Shield’s Marketing Manager, Sally Moores.

Wall and door protection does not have to be a sterile looking aspect of the interior design. It can bring creativity, flair, relaxation, and more to an ordinary looking room as well as reducing health and safety risks. 


Most parents are surprised to hear that the fact the wall and door protection is manufactured from PVCu which means that it doesn’t support the growth of bacteria and mould so the new babies will remain safe from any bacteria’s that may thrive in other units.

The nature of the products used to create the ward means that maintenance, repairs and redecoration costs of the doors and walls within the ward have significantly reduced meaning more resources can be spent on the care of the mothers and babies being cared for within it.