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Considerations for office interiors

By lli-design
Sep 18, '13 7:41 AM EST

Having a great job isn’t just about the salary, perks and how well you get on with your colleagues, in today’s competitive market savvy  business owners know they have to create an environment that stimulates and nurtures their workers if they want to get the best out of them and to keep them happy in their jobs.

Interior design is often seen as an afterthought and an indulgence when starting a business, but creating the right atmosphere is essential and will make employees work longer hours,  work harder and be happier.

It’s all about considering the human - all too often forgotten in a work environment, where people often exist in conditions akin to a battery farm. By giving employees decent lighting - either artificial or natural, fresh air, plants around the office to absorb the negative effects of computers and stimulating colours and textures employers soon realise that the payback in loyalty & dedication is enormous.

If employers then go to the next level & provide ‘break out Areas’ where employees can relax and truly have a break, providing comfortable seating combined with good quality kitchen facilities where employees can make themselves a proper snack the rewards for both parties goes off the scale.


Linda Levene is the design director of LLI Design a London interior design consultancy.