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One Block, Two Houses and 50 Steps in Between

By kjellandersjoberg
Jun 18, '13 7:43 PM EST

Kjellander + Sjöberg creates yet an example of contemporary architecture that fits modern needs and without nostalgia corresponds with its site. Bönan and Kisen is a city block on Södermalm that with an urban intensity adds new qualities and preserves the local scale and character.

The project aims to add new buildings rooted in the local vernacular, an addition that emphasizes and enriches the urban fabric, providing space for businesses that in turn allow Högbergsgatans urban content to prosper and expand. The design contains two volumes, Bönan and Kisen, (50’s local slang terms for girl and boy, respectively) with distinctly separate identities that are not obviously one development, rather an easy addition opening up towards the park in south.
The starting point is the mixed urban context near the lively Medborgarplatsen and Götgatsbacken, which in combination with the view over and access to the park Fatbursparken, is a definite potential for the project’s success. Bönan and Kisen blend into the existing century-old grid structure, with commercial spaces on ground floor and apartments flanking either side of a new path stepping down along the extension of Kvarngatan to the park.
The project originated as a parallel assignment for three practices, after which K + S won the commission. The brief included several considerable challenges: preservation of the open and public character of the site, new buildings must be able to coexist with the adjoining charity and shelter Stadsmissionen and finally new buildings require a rational and financially viable structural solution to cover and build above the three existing underground rail tunnels.
Bönan and Kisen is K + S latest project with Einar Mattsson Projekt AB, who develops and builds co-owned apartments and rental property for Einar Mattsson Fastighets AB.

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About Kjellander + Sjöberg Architects:
Kjellander + Sjöberg (K + S) is one of the leading architectural offices in Scandinavia, based in Stockholm. In close collaboration the four partners Ola Kjellander, Stefan Sjöberg, Mi Inkinen and Lena Viterstedt develop projects and conduct studies in the fields of architecture, urban design, planning and sustainable development.
Ongoing projects range from landscape integrated design, public and cultural projects to offices and residential buildings of various scales around Sweden. In the Stockholm development areas the office currently works on Fredriksdal in Hammarby Lake City, Maja Gräddnos in Annedal, Monoliten at Telefonplan and two projects on New Årstafältet with focus on sustainability.

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