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Marin Architects Tapped for Proposed Mixed-Use Project in the Bronx’s Mount Hope Neighborhood

By kristinaupspringpr
May 19, '22 4:58 PM EST

NEW YORK — May 17, 2022 — Marin Architects, a New York City-based architecture and design firm, has announced that permits were filed for a new 78-unit mixed-use residential building at 130 East 177th Street in the Bronx’s Mount Hope neighborhood. Marin Architects was engaged by the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health (PCMH), a non-profit organization with strong ties to the community and dedicated to serving the housing and the mental health needs of all New Yorkers. 

Community-centric in both design and development, the proposed 123-foot-tall, 12-story building, will ensure a variety of services and amenities not possible in a more conventionally programmed project. The layout will feature 52,591 square feet designated for residential space and 3,390 square feet for the community facility with a rich yet minimal material palette and a heavy emphasis on brick and metal. The Marin team will use setback levels and dormers to stray away from a boxy design and instead, feature a more playful look. The space that will become the community facility will intentionally be setback on the ground floor to create a more expansive space for the public while accentuating the entrance, and further setback floors will have front units and terraces. The large and open space will welcome residents with an abundance of recreational areas, including a backyard, rooftop accessibility for residents, and terraces on the setback levels and gym set on the second floor. Another terrace on the roof will provide views of Manhattan and the Northern Bronx.

“As a firm that is dedicated to transforming lives and improving society through design, our partnership with the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health accomplishes this shared mission,” remarks Founder and Senior Principal of Marin Architects, Walter Marin. “Paired with PCMH’s initiative to provide affordable housing, our goal for 130 East 177th Street is to support and give opportunities to those in the Mount Hope community.” 

The proposed building will be located near transportation as well as parks and other outdoor spaces. Residents will have access to the B and D subway lines at Tremont Avenue, and the 176th Street train stop on the 4 subway line. With its proximity to the New York Botanical Garden and both Claremont Park and Crotona Park East in the Morrisania section of the Bronx, the development will aim to attract and connect members of the richly diverse community. 

“With sixteen apartment buildings under our belt, this partnership allows us to expand our commitment to add affordable housing across New York City,” said Dr. Jacob Barak, CEO of the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health and FHMC. “Every detail of the project, including design and location, is intentional. Its proximity to some of the Bronx’s landmarks, beautiful parks, and transportation supports accessibility and equal opportunity for community members and those coming to the location from other parts of New York City.” 

The project at 130 East 177th Street will provide an invaluable resource to the community as it will give back to those in need of housing, services, and support. Upon completion of this project, PCMH will offer case management and clinical services in its community facility space. 

The mixed-use building at 130 East 177th Street in the Bronx will be a community pillar—offering housing, treatment, and care to local residents in a modern, thoughtful setting. It is expected to be completed in summer of 2024.


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