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Groundbreaking ceremony for the new Zaans Medical Center

mecanoo PR
Jan 8, '14 8:30 AM EST

With congratulations, fireworks and the pouring of a concrete foundation by Mayor Geke Faber of Zaanstad, the start of construction of the new Zaans Medical Center was celebrated yesterday, January 7th. Construction will start on the parking garage, after which the hospital and “Care Boulevard” will follow. Mecanoo are the architects of the 65.000m2 complex - including the interior - and the surrounding landscape. The opening is planned for the end of 2016.

Mecanoo has completed the preliminary design of the ZMC. Core values are orientation, routing and experience: putting the patient at the center of the design. The main entrance leads to a clearly designed street that unlocks the entire hospital. At either end of the main street are public courtyards, whilst several balconies and roof gardens used by both patients and staff can be found throughout. Daylight is used to create a pleasant healing environment and improve users’ orientation. The ZMC is designed according to the lean principle: a philosophy which aims to reduce all forms of waste such as cost, time and space. To this end, 15 departments were recreated in full scale in cardboard last fall and tested extensively by employees of the ZMC, architects and patients. Because Mecanoo also designed the interior of the hospital, the principles of lean and healing environment will merge seamlessly.

A “Care Boulevard” will be realized in direct connection with the hospital. It will house a unique combination of a care hotel, health center, eye hospital, shops and restaurants.

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