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Fashion Boutique Inspired by Supermarket Aisles: Glassons

By ccsullivan
Feb 17, '22 3:00 PM EST
Glassons, designed by Landini Associates. Photo by Sharrin Rees
Glassons, designed by Landini Associates. Photo by Sharrin Rees

Can a fashion store boost sales and perceived quality with a layout inspired by supermarket aisles?

In fact, that’s what has happened with a new store design by Landini Associates for Glassons, the New Zealand fashion leader looking for ways to better present their great-value product so that collections would be more intelligible -- and perceived quality higher -- without reducing SKUs.

Known for “reinventing normal,” Landini Associates challenged traditional display methods by removing all of the product from the walls and creating wardrobe-like display units throughout the store. Inspired by grocery store filtering and presentation, the layout eliminates the cluttered feel of many mass-market fashion outlets while maintaining a high volume of product.

“In fact, the design actually allows for 50% more product on the floor, yet gives the impression of a minimalist aesthetic rarely seen in fashion chains where the norm 
is product fighting shoulder to shoulder,” says Mark Landini, creative director. “In addition, the display units effectively frame the collections, and looks can be styled within each ‘wardrobe.’”

The approach works, says Graeme Popplewell, CEO of Glassons: “This retail design has helped us reinvent the brand. In an ever-challenging retail world, the need to stand out has become increasingly important. We had to be brave to adopt Landini’s design -- but the results, both aesthetic and financial, have truly surpassed our wildest dreams,” said the executive of the brand with 65-plus locations mainly in New Zealand and Australia. “Money talks, bullsh** walks.” 

What made the concept a success? “Simply put, the design creates more walls without merchandising the real ones, and the glass walls maximize visibility,” says Rikki Landini, director of Landini Associates. “The design palette is simple, create a clean, sharp and fresh interior with a touch of urban feel. Featuring a warm white palette, the design utilizes light oak timber casework against concrete, mirror and a white floor.” Mirrors conceal stockrooms within.

The redesigned shop fronts are completely open, with full-height glazing on the other sides. This offers greater visibility for shoppers, inviting customers to come in, browse and go as they feel like, reinforcing the approachable essence of the brand.