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Luxurious Planika fire design on Milan Design Week 2013 ( Superstudio Più, Entratalibera, Salone del Mobile)

By Planika
Apr 2, '13 7:17 AM EST
Fire Line Automatic by Planika, bio fireplace on ethanol
Fire Line Automatic by Planika, bio fireplace on ethanol

Whether you are looking for some romantic natural light – or a place to get warm, Planika is a great option! From the 9th April 2013, Planika will be present on the Milan Design Week 2013, at the following events Superstudio Più, ENTRATALIBERA showroom and Salone Internazinale del Mobile 2013.


A unique exhibitions of exclusive Planika products will be a presentation of exceptional automatic and semi-automatic bio fireplaces equipped with an advanced technology and a luxurious design carefully constructed by the specialist of Planika. It will certainly appeal to those who love unconventional solutions.

Planika will be displaying its finest products and best solutions suitable both for outdoor and indoor areas such as: Fire Line Automatic, Jar Commerce, Totem Commerce, Fire Coffee and Pyramid Commerce.


Among all the bio fireplaces available on the market, Fire Line Automatic deserves a special distinction. This modern, technologically advanced and highly safe product exceeds its rivals in terms of the implemented technical innovations but also in terms of safety. It is perfect for architects and interior designers, as it provides unlimited arrangement possibilities and the possibility to customize the product to individual project. This unique automatic product, operated with a remote control and a control panel is equipped with safety sensors, flame size regulation, LED display and the possibility of integration with Smart Home System. It is an ideal alternative for traditional and gas fireplace.

Some of the products, such as Jar Commerce, Pyramid Commerce, or Totem Commerce are equipped with Commerce burner and adapted to outdoor use, as a decoration of terrace and garden. Their resistance to weather conditions is ensured by the highest quality materials used in the production process.


Totem Commerce is a model incorporating Glassfire® Technology. With its flames located high on the design, it sheds light like a lighthouse onto the surrounding area. Totem Commerce is the perfect idea for an outdoor fire during cozy summer evenings in a garden. The black body of the model creates an eye-catching contrast with the fire. The special ethanol based fuel – Fanola®, makes the fire smoke free, making the model also ideal for indoor use. The fireplace is filled with highly absorbent ceramic fibres to keep the Fanola® fuel contained and prevent leaking and spilling, even when pushed over.

Jar Commerce is a Glassfire® Technology set on a concrete base. A combination of fire, concrete and glass make Jar Commerce a piece of furniture that can be placed in different interiors. The coldness of concrete juxtaposed with the warmth of fire was the idea of the designer Christophe Pillet.


Fire coffee is a table designed by Arik Levy. Fire Coffee is a model with a wide base made of steel resembling a rosette. A glass surface rests on the rosette turning it into a unique coffee table. The uniqueness lies in the centrally positioned glass cylinder in which the flames of live smokeless fire appear to dance. This piece of contemporary design incorporating the latest Glassfire® Technology is the perfect complement to your outdoor space. Being ventless makes Fire Coffee only suitable as an outdoor coffee table.

Pyramid Commerce is the latest Planika bioethanol fireplace created by Lukasz Malicki, young open-minded specialists and member of the Planika Studio. It is made of highest quality fibreglass polyester laminate, making it resistant to weather conditions. The modern, glossy white base evokes very positive emotions, contributes to the exceptional joyful mood of its user and creates a wonderful contrast with the natural, golden flames. Thanks to the simple yet elegant, eye-catching organic shape the Pyramid Commerce adds a magnificent finishing touch, revives every outdoor area and illuminates every interior it is situated in.


All the above products are absolutely smokeless and user-friendly, suitable for private residences, as well as luxurious commercial areas, such as hotels, restaurants and SPA resorts. With no need for special connections installations, the highly decorative fireplaces are fully portable and can be placed almost anywhere.

Following the latest trends in architecture and design, and being the world leader on the bio fireplace market, Planika uses the most advanced technology to create highest quality, user friendly products. All of their bio fireplaces are safe and clean to use. To ensure the best quality, Planika cooperates with many renowned architects and designers, whose innovative and unconventional solutions ensure absolute uniqueness of the bio fireplaces.