WENA Western Europe New Architecture

WENA Western Europe New Architecture

Shanghai, CN | Madrid, ES


WENA speech in Complex Architecture Forum, Shanghai

Nov 13, '12 10:30 PM EST

It-s a honour to communicate that past saturday october 27th, I presented in Shanghai, as architect of Western Europe New Architecture ("WENA") the speech "Urbanism into buildings: Modern forbidden cities" at “NEW3”, the International Forum about Complex Architecture.

The work presented was the penitenciary center Ceuta, in the spanish city of Spain called Ceuta. This special gate form Africa to Europe surprised to everybody because its special security and selfdependent measeures needed, the sustanaible relationship with the almost dessert environment, and the innovative way of create an space that helps real integration into society.

The enterprise "WENA" is based in Spain, and has developed about twenty projects and competitions in China for Chinese clients and Institutes of Architecture.
Also his team have three awards form the National Association of Architects of China.

“NEW3”is a seminar hosted by Shanghai Exploration &Design Trade Association and Architectural Society of Shanghai China, sponsored by the Design Academy of Tongji University and the Yangpu District government, and implemented by CCDI.
“NEW3” aims to spread the theme of the forum "new ideas, new technologies, the new model", what is desperately needed in the China’s urban development. This event has been held with participants like large construction units, real estate developers and important design institutions, engineering academicians, dean of the complex engineering, construction party owners and key design institutions in China.
This year’s main forum has been held at Shanghai, in Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu has a branch field, and attracted great attention and support from many institutions and experts " "New3" Architectural Culture Forum focused on "complex project" topics, discuss basic theory of complex engineering, technical application, project organization, decision management and other aspects from the view of "internationalization" and "academic".