Visualhorizon3D - New website Launch

Asil Purcell
Nov 8, '12 8:04 AM EST

New website launch. VisualHorizon3D.
10% savings to new customers.

Bedford, England, November, 2012 - VisualHorizon3D is celebrating the launch of its new website by offering 10% savings to all new customers. VisualHorizon3D produce high quality 3D images for the built environment. Predominantly targeting Developers and Architects, services include verified views, interior and exterior marketing images and flythroughs / Animations.

"The aim is to build close working relationships with clients, to understand what they are trying to communicate", Owner, Asil Purcell explained. With over 23 years of Architectural experience and 16 years spent creating 3D images, he understands the industry well. "In this profession, communication of a scheme is really the key. At a glance a layperson needs to understand and believe what they are being shown. VisualHorizon3D offers that with great images at very competitive prices. It still excites me to see completed images and a satisfied customer".

Developers and Architects are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of verified views in particular. They add independent credibility to any planning application they accompany, often saving valuable time and money. As for the marketing views, a picture speaks a thousand words.

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