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Laying of the foundation stone of the Cardiac Research and Rehabilitation Center by AGi architects

By AGi architects
Oct 1, '13 1:52 PM EST

The Cardiac Research and Rehabilitation Center in Kuwait, by AGi architects, is now becoming a reality after the laying of the foundation stone and start of the construction works.

This heart disease specialized center includes testing and laboratory departments in ground floor, outpatient departments in first and second floor and also a rehabilitation and a research center.

The base unit of the hospital typological scheme is a module, which connects each consult room with two exam rooms, giving public access from one side and private from the other. These modules are combined with interior courtyards, which provide with natural light and ventilation to all the rooms and waiting areas. This configuration creates two concentric circulation rings, allowing to separate the paths of patients and medical staff and to ensure easy orientation for patients and faster circulation for doctors.

The empty middle space make place for big courtyards and double heights, which connect vertically all the floors and create a unique public space under the big roof skylight. The building appears as a closed volume for all the façades except for the one facing the sea. The Rehabilitation center is located in this area, so that the users of gym and pool can enjoy the sight and scenery without privacy issues with the surroundings buildings.