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Innovation Uncensored: Inside the Apple Design Lab with Eight Inc.

By eightinc
Nov 1, '13 8:01 PM EST

Register to hear CEO and Founder of Eight Inc., Tim Kobe and many other designers, strategists, executives and visionaries for modern business at the Fast Company Innovation Uncensored in San Francisco.

The event will draw a diverse crowd of eclectic creative drivers that bring the Fast Company magazine and websites to life through ideas, discussions and stories. Both onstage and offstage, Innovation Uncensored will bring the most innovative companies together for a day of inspiration.

Tim will be part of the panel, “Inside the Apple Design Lab: A Live Oral History” alongside several other key people that helped with the success of one of the most beloved brands today. The panel will be moderated by author of Design Crazy, Max Chafkin and to include, Abigail Sarah Brody, Rober Brunner, Hartmut Esslinger, Nitlin Ganatra, Andy Grignon, Dave Morin and Jeff Zwerner.

November 6, 2013
City View @ Metreon
San Francisco, CA

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