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Delivering a Lifestyle-Driven Assisted Living Facility for the Elderly

By SpMa
May 21, '13 4:25 AM EST
Clearly demarcate entry points with ramped as well as stepped access, lead to the living units from a landscaped courtyard
Clearly demarcate entry points with ramped as well as stepped access, lead to the living units from a landscaped courtyard

Space Matrix completes „The Golden Estate‟ in Faridabad, Haryana, heralding a new trend in the design of elderly living communities in India

With an elderly population of close to 100 million, which is more than the total population of the United Kingdom and Canada combined, the demand for elderly living and care facilities is set to grow dramatically in India. One such facility, The Golden Estate (TGE), designed for UCC Care Pvt. Ltd., has been completed recently by Space Matrix Design Consultants.

Located in Faridabad, on the outskirts of New Delhi, the facility provides residents long-stay serviced residences with basic medical facilities, food and beverage facilities, activity spaces, state-of-the-art security, and flexible living spaces designed specifically to address the needs of the plus 55-year-old population.

Commenting on the design approach, Mr. Anup Naik, the design director of Space Matrix and principal architect for the project said, “A lot of passionate thought and attention went into finalising each and every small detail to ensure an age-friendly physical environment. All design parameters, from spatial configurations to accessibility and materiality, have been specifically tailored to suit the needs of an elderly resident. Everything from ramps and lifts to aid mobility, wooden flooring around the sleeping area, and anti-skid tiles and grab bars in the toilets, have been specifically planned to enhance user comfort and safety”.

According to a recent study by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), the total population of people aged
60 and above in India is set to hit 240 million by 2050. While this is a relatively recognized segment of residential design in the west, India is somewhat deficient in the infrastructure currently available for the elderly. An even faster-growing demographic segment is the percentage of elderly above 70 years of age, projected to grow five-fold between 2001 and 2051, rising to 7.6 percent of India‟s population. Facilities designed for these residents need to be comfortable, secure, safe and highly accessible environments.

The Golden Estate is comprised of fully furnished studio and suite-type units ranging between 30 to 37 square meters of living space with an attached outdoor area. The developers, UCC Care Pvt. Ltd., have made a conscious attempt not to isolate seniors. The facility is located within a 45-minute drive to New Delhi and is in close proximity to local malls, tourist attractions, entertainment and health care facilities.

Mr. Amit Vaidya, Director of UCC Care Pvt. Ltd. adds, “Our intent when we set out to do this development was to able to provide all possible comforts and conveniences in a safe, secure environment designed to offer our elderly community a rejuvenating lifestyle. I believe we have been successful in achieving this goal with help of Space Matrix. Along with our panel of experts, Space Matrix have been able to deliver a project which truly encompasses all that we had set out to achieve as our vision”.