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Richard Meier Designs New Watch for Projects Watches

By Richard Meier & Partners
Aug 2, '11 10:02 AM EST
White Band Ana Watch
White Band Ana Watch

New York, New York, August 2, 2011 – Pritzker Prize winning architect Richard Meier has designed a new wristwatch in collaboration with the Markuse Corporation.

For nearly 30 years the Markuse Corporation/Projects has dedicated itself to celebrating the role architecture and design play in our daily lives.  From its very first watches, designed by icons of twentieth century architecture, Projects has brought a new face to the telling of time.

This new design with Richard Meier for the Ana Watch becomes part of the prolific collection of objects designed by the architect. The design of the watch adheres to a modernist vocabulary, focusing on proportion, human scale and the manipulation of a strong geometry.  “Working on various designs of objects used in daily life, such as watches, I am conscious of participating in a tradition of architects that worked in a variety of scales such as Joseph Hoffmann and Frank Lloyd Wright. In my case, the theoretical point of departure is consistently related to function and beauty,” said Richard Meier.

The Ana Watch measures 38mm in diameter (1.50”), and is made of a stainless steel, complimented by either a 20mm (3/4”) charcoal gray or white leather band. The model number of the Ana with Gray band is 6020 L and the model number for the white leather banded version is 6020 W. It is available at most museum stores worldwide and online at