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GROUNDWORK Architects + Associates Ltd.

Hong Kong, HK


元新Groundwork Lecture at the Silapakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Manfred Yuen
Mar 26, '12 4:01 AM EST


The Minimalists Rock-n-Roll: Groundworkers' manifesto

We believe in simplicity. We believe in humanity.

On the contrary, we live in a complex world whilst rocketing digital advancements have enable us to achieve 'tasks' effortlessly. We live in an era of the internet; where physicals social interactions are kowtowing to Face book.

We live in a complex world that the significance of our physical space are gradually dissolving.
Let us revert to simplistic mind; to restore a humanistic perspectives towards architecture. The process of juxtaposing a humanistic architecture within this digital era is indeed a challenge, this process of fusion have become the catalyst for our works, so as the tension between idealism and pragmatism has become the vehicle of our growth. It was through this vigorous process of design interrogation that we may achieve a minimalistic touch when reacting to the need of the society; touching both the ground that we build on and the culture that we sail on lightly and softly; and allowing us to use intangible elements surrounding us to sculpt spaces.

I wish to share with you the journey of how our era and our fathers have taught us to rock-and-roll as minimalists on a complex stage.


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