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元新 GROUNDWORK first non-architectural project_What does time means to you?

Manfred Yuen
Aug 29, '12 12:59 PM EST

Space Time Architecture of Hong Kong /
The Time Menagerie
We all wish happy time to last; we also wanted unhappy time to drift faster.

The Time Menagerie explores the urban space and the built environment of Hong Kong through the notion of time. While physical buildings are the visible expressions of urban architecture, time in Hong Kong is most uniquely and specifically shaped by the city and relevant to the movement and interaction of Hong Kong people, within and beyond the city. 
The notion and interpretation of the sense of time is unique in Hong Kong, which has an immense impact on the lifestyle of its inhabitants. Time is an experiential manifestation of Hong Kong’s urban form, a common ground by which architects and the public understands and quantifies the confounding organization of the city every day. Time in Hong Kong is shaped and distorted by the built environment and urban infrastructure. Distances that seem vast experientially turn out to be compact geographically. Labyrinths of dense subways turn out to be 15 minutes from the most tranquil beach. The commute across the border turns out to be faster than travels within the city. A tall tower turns out to be built in 6 months. The exhibition reveals Hong Kong as a remarkably functional time compressor.

元新 GROUNDWORK | Architecture + Urbanism first non-architectural project_What does time means to you?