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Jul 5, '11 10:54 AM EST
New JDS Website
New JDS Website

Yep, we’ve been ignoring the most important communications tool to tell our story for the past couple of years (late Happy Birthday USA!). We thought the internet was just a fad. Like parametric architecture. Well today, we are relaunching our long suffering, illegible website. The new one, at a new url (, is fresh, easy to use, and mobile-friendly, because we know that you will just not be able to get enough of the forty new projects we’ve added for your viewing pleasure.

So here are the really cool features:

Home page with no flash or abstract soundscape

Lots of colleagues’ sites just try too hard (including our old one!). We’ve simplified and present a simple architecture of a clear grid, a composed façade of the activities of the office. Four blocks highlight the latest news, another four for latest projects and the last row of four are the selected highlights.

Projects and more projects

Not just the sexy pictures. We are showing you the diagrams, the process, the ingredients of how we developed the design in a slide show format. You can compare projects on a variety of metrics, for example by type (click on housing category and that portfolio shows up) or by budget (click on that metric and you get all the projects executed for similar funds).

Mobile friendly

We wish we had Apple stock. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, our site renders in a way that makes our moms proud. And after your daily doses of Dezeen, Archdaily and Architizer, bookmark us!

New Features

• Video Library: we are starting to highlight some of our animations and DIY movie productions, as well as interviews, lectures or other productions that feature our work. More to come on that in the future!

• Press Library: we are organizing our press so you can read back interviews or older features to help researchers and students in their work.

• The JDS Shop: get our books, some in-house produced designs and hyperlinks to manufacturers we work with.

• Designs: our Product Design department has been growing the past 2 years and we have uploaded a series of design projects from chairs to graphics.

And finally, who the hell are we? And what do we believe in?

The definite answer (for now) is provided in our newly produced video and slide show.

Just click on the JDS INTRO yellow dot.

More features are in the pipeline. Visit us often. Thanks.