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​Finegold Alexander, Consigli Construction Co., Inc., and LeftField Announce Completion of Boston University’s Kilachand Hall Renovation

By amckay
Nov 28, '23 11:04 AM EST

Boston- Based Architecture Firm Finegold Alexander Architects Lead the Renovation and Reconstruction  of the 114,650 SF Residence Hall

BOSTON, MA (November 27, 2023) – Boston-based Finegold Alexander Architects announces today the completion of the renovation and 9th floor reconstruction of Kilachand Hall at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. The project, which began with a comprehensive study in 2014, has now reached its final stage, marking a significant milestone in the improvement of the Arvind and Chandan Nandlal Kilachand Honors College facilities, enhancing the overall student experience. Finegold Alexander worked collaboratively on this project with Boston University, construction manager Consigli Construction Co., Inc., and Owner’s Project Manager LeftField.

The goal of the ninth-floor reconstruction was to create flexible, fully accessible student study, gathering and co-curricular spaces for the students of Kilachand Honors College and additional Kilachand Hall residents. The design includes spaces designed with moveable, flexible furnishings where students can gather and study in many modalities, from watching sports events on a big screen to around the table group work. A new seminar room supports the interdisciplinary pedagogy of the Honors College, as do small group study rooms – all with breathtaking river and skyline views of the city. An acoustically isolated music practice room provides space for students to explore their musical interests within the floor.

Another major driver of the 114,650 SF project was to address accessibility, and with the creative repurposing of found space on residential floors, the design incorporated accessible bedrooms and bathrooms. Significant life safety upgrades were integrated into the renovation, including the installation of an internal stair and two elevators to accommodate the increased occupant load on the ninth floor, allowing for the removal of exterior fire escapes. The exterior of Kilachand Hall received meticulous attention, with extensive restoration of the 1927 brick and cast stone exterior carefully restored. Infrastructure renewal, including the installation of a new emergency generator elevated above the university’s base floor elevation, further advanced the building's resiliency.

Sustainability was a driving force behind the project, with the goal of achieving LEED Gold certification. Together with the masonry façade restoration, the construction of a new and efficient 9th floor envelope, a VRF system, energy recovery, energy management systems, LED lighting and extensive use of daylighting, the project is designed to perform significantly better than similar buildings – the project received the maximum credit allowance from the USGBC for energy performance. The addition of photovoltaics on the roof, as part of a broader campus-wide initiative, reflects a strong commitment to renewable energy and building resiliency by the University.

“The Kilachand Hall renovation represents a significant achievement in enhancing the living and learning environment for the Kilachand Honors College community,” says Rebecca Berry, Principal and President, at Finegold Alexander. “This project has been many years in the making, and we are honored to have worked with Boston University and our project partners in the creation of this welcoming, accessible, and vibrant space for the benefit of todays and future students.”

“When LeftField was selected to work on Kilachand Hall, we were extremely excited given its rich history as a living and learning community, said Leftfield Principal, Jim Rogers. “We are proud to help breathe vitality back into a building that will further enhance the student experience. LeftField was fortunate to be part of a team that included stakeholders from BU, Consigli, and Finegold Alexander whose combined expertise and experience allowed us to complete the project while it was fully occupied.”

“The renovation and restoration of Boston University’s Kilachand Hall, located steps from Kenmore Square and featuring stunning views of the city from its top floor, is a project that will benefit the students and faculty it serves for many years to come,” said Jeff Navin, Vice President of Project Management at Consigli Construction Co., Inc. “Consigli is grateful to Boston University, Finegold Alexander and LeftField for their partnership and collaboration in breathing new life into this historic building and in ensuring that it will continue to support the Honors College and the campus community as a welcoming place for students to live and study.”


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