Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

Barcelona, ES


Braided Marble: Decormarmi and Benedetta Tagliabue at Marmomacc. Verona 24/27.09.14

By amcclean
Sep 23, '14 4:02 PM EST

A new avant-garde installation springs from the encounter from charisma and creativity of the Italian architect located in Barcelona, Arch Benedetta Tagliabue and the artistic-interpretative sensitivity of Decormarmi. Limestone is treated as fabric to evoke delicate shapes and light flexibility of wicker.

While devising a proposal that could celebrate Decormarmi’s tradition – Benedetta Tagliabue says – we decided to think at stone as flexible vegetable fibers that would follow a wavy surface as in Expo Shanghai Pavilion; this would give the stand the wicker lightness”. 

The concept is based on a system of wavy panels that resume to the braided wicker texture. The result is a suspended light volume made of colored marbles that recalls wicker colors. In juxtaposition to the marble lightness, the raw blocks of the floor show the first step of the process.

The visitor will match with a high and wide structure (h 5 m – length 7 m) an elegant refined element that celebrates project and technological realization, the combination between architect vision and company technique, a common generating force of an installation with vibrant energy, sensations, images and colors.

Marco Farinon, production manager of the family business: “we immediately fell in love with the project. Benedetta Tagliabue put on paper the expression of who we are and what we wanted to express in this setting: our ability in inlays and three-dimensionality, even particularly tricky, and a challenging project to carry on together with the architect. It is cooperation and a professional exchange extremely exciting for us. “

Living Stone – The excellence of Made in Italy and the great Spanish Architects is an exhibit cared by Raffaello Galiotto, Vincenzo Pavan and Damiano Steccanella. The event focus is micro-architectures or thematic installation designed by the architects of the prestigious Iberian school for selected Italian companies about the theme of the house with patio. A concept and style meditation about Mediterranean and Atlantic stone houses.


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Verona, Italy