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LIONarchitecture's BadSeed house published in Lantern

By mtt9999
Oct 20, '12 3:31 PM EST

The design for the BadSeed house at Urbavore farm, a recent project under construction in Kansas City, is published in Lantern Journal Volume I Issue 3. LIONarchitecture's design for an 800s.f. house is centered around the ritual of the farmer. It is a clock of the rotation and revolution of the earth.

Lantern includes a dynamic set of ARTicles that explore, consider, question, and suggest in a way that is both disparate and unified. Issue 3 is focused on the theme of 'work'. As the editors of Lantern explain:

Of each of Lantern’s themes, work has inspired the most insightful and wide-ranging set of discussions among ourselves and by the contributors to this issue. From our own commitment to the labor of love that is this journal to our varied conceptions of “the great work,” perhaps few topics strike more closely at the heart of Lantern. What work is, its value, and how it relates to our being, though far om conclusively determined are beautifully and thoughtfully explored in this third issue of Lantern.

Lantern is being read in 824 different cities (New York #1), 81 different countries (U.S .#1), Six Continents (and 12 visitors off continents), The journal has been translated by Google into 10 different languages (least of which is French  at 13x’s if you don’t count GB as a different language). Out of all the countries with repeat readership, Austria has the longest time spent on the site on average at over 26 minutes.

To read the article, click here.

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