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Education Architecture _ Park View School

By Stallan-Brand
Oct 9, '13 9:13 AM EST
open I.T. learning space
open I.T. learning space

Stallan-Brand are committed to promoting the very best education architecture for our future learners. As a practice we are uniquely involved in all areas of education design from pre-school provision through to major new university campus architecture.

A recent example of our work in this area is our completed Park View Primary School in Halfway. The new school is one example of  our practices  on-going work on the ambitious schools replacement programme with Kier Construction and local authority South Lanarkshire Council.

Park View comprises of 7 formal classrooms accessed directly from an open plan central ‘learning street,‘ which contains a variety of shared GP areas, ICT, Library and allows visible connections between all of the spaces.

Externally a robust masonary envelope wraps the building punctuated by sections of coloured vertical panels giving the school both a formal and casual quality. The building also addresses areas of mature open landscape with the south facing classrooms and playground positioned to take advantage of the views across the extensive grass areas. 

The school colour scheme both externally and internally is drawn from the surrounding plants and nature. The interior of the school is enlivened through the use of simple but imaginative wayfinding and graphic design.  

The design achieves a very good BREAM rating helped by a commitment to using efficient bio mass boilers, air tight construction and natural ventilation strategies.

The feedback from pupils, parents and teachers has been wonderful and makes it all worthwhile.