M. Olivero Services

M. Olivero Services

Brooklyn, NY


M. Olivero Services is born in Brooklyn

Oct 4, '11 9:35 PM EST

M. Olivero Services llc is an Architectural / Construction Filing Representation company  born recently in BayRidge Brooklyn. Owner / Founder - Miguel Angel Olivero started this company to provide quality expedited Filing Representation at the NYC Department of Buildings with recession proof rates for services within any of the 5 borough locations. 

We caught up with the future Architect and he gave us a great sense of where the company stands now and where he sees his company direction / focus in the coming years. read his comments below.

"Right now I'm basically at ground zero building my client list" . My main focus right is to provide quality service at affordable rates to Architects & Contractors alike who have seen their filing representation rates sky rocket but the quality of service, stay the same" 

"Over the next few months & years I plan on implementing an expediting system that always considers it's clients first in terms of service, rates, turn around time & communication strategies that are simple yet affective in reaching the goals of our clients while utilizing each DOB visit to obtain the best results possible"

M. Olivero Services is looking to provide below industry standard service rates to the first 20 clients as a token of appreciation for the opportunity to provide expediting services to your company. So Act now!

You can call Angel anytime to inquire about how M. Olivero Services can contribute to your firm / outfit's future success.

M. Olivero Services