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By laurenlicklider
Apr 15, '14 9:39 AM EST

RICHMOND, VA (April 15, 2014) – Baskervill is excited to announce its award of the 17th Street Market project in the Shockoe Bottom district of Richmond, Virginia. Working closely alongside the community, Baskervill is transforming the historic market into a lively outdoor community living room.

The design focuses on creating a pedestrian-oriented and vibrant public plaza that will serve as a versatile gathering place for all, from urban professionals and young families to senior residents and tourists.

"We were inspired by the energetic piazzas found throughout Europe, as well as the dynamic public spaces closer to home, such as Bryant Park in New York City and Downtown Mall in Charlottesville," said Principal Burt Pinnock, AIA.

A key element to the plan includes removing the existing market structure to maximize the space's flexibility. The design also features artistic landscaping to create a variety of distinct seating areas, an interactive fountain, a flexible wiring system to support seasonal light displays, and a contextual paving design that will remain visually cohesive with the surrounding Shockoe Bottom area.

The overall plan for the market will support mixed-use business development. Existing restaurants surrounding the plaza's perimeter will be given additional space for outdoor dining as well as custom-designed canopy installations. Storefronts that are currently vacant will become pop-up galleries for local artists, which will benefit the arts community, while highlighting the storefronts' unique spaces to potential investors.

Well-designed and expertly placed kiosks will provide contextual information to the market's visitors, such as nearby attractions, trails, and sites.

The project is ongoing with future community meetings taking place to finalize the city's design vision.

"For a project like this, it's absolutely critical to ask for public input," said Pinnock. "At the end of the day, it belongs to the community."

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