Arlington Transit selects Stantec to lead design services for zero emissions bus facility

By shannonmccarthypr
Jun 7, '23 8:45 AM EST

Arlington Transit (ART) is constructing a new operations and maintenance facility to support their growing transit operations and prepare to transition their current bus fleet to Zero Emissions Buses (ZEBs). Stantec, a global leader in sustainable design and engineering, has been selected to provide architectural and design services for the new facility.

The transformative project adapts three parcels of land, separated by a private access road and a regional storm water channel, into two new resilient and modern facilities to provide reliable and efficient public transportation for the Arlington County community. The two new structures—a three-story, 45,433-square-foot operations and maintenance facility and a four-tier, 65,096-square-foot parking structure—will be positioned within the reprogrammed site to support transit operations and provide a highly aesthetic piece of civic architecture for the county and surrounding area.

To address long-term stormwater issues, site improvements include demolition of the existing buildings, channel redesign and restoration, site stormwater management, road crossing improvements, and surface parking for buses.

Transitioning to Zero Emissions Buses (ZEBs) ZEBs require significant charging infrastructure to provide power to buses. Stantec is providing the power modeling which will determine the charging requirements for the fleet, and help to inform ART of any modifications, limitations, or opportunities within their service routes across the county. Stantec will estimate the energy requirement at the vehicle level and the power capacity at the transit facility to identify the required utility upgrades and equipment, along with a long-term plan for incremental growth that aligns with anticipated vehicle replacement and upgrades.

The ZEB infrastructure layout preserves the stacked parking layout that was originally developed for the bus parking stalls with buses stacked four deep in alignment with the ART operations and maintenance facility.

“Arlington Transit is focused on providing safe, efficient, and reliable service to a vibrant and diverse community,” said Greg Shipley, principal at Stantec, Arlington, VA. “We are looking forward to supporting their transition to ZEBs and helping the county reach its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.”

Industrial and modern design The facility will reflect a modern industrial design with operational layouts to embrace a functional aesthetic. Intuitive entry points and wayfinding will include biophilic accents, while the larger high-performance facades are designed with materials selected for longevity, resilience, and durability.

The first level will include seven repair bays and one chassis wash bay, workshops, supervisor offices, and parts storage rooms. The second level will include an administration suite, conference and training rooms, locker and break rooms, and additional parts storage. The third floor will serve Operations and Administration. Operations and Dispatch overlook the bus yard, including bus operator support areas for an operator’s day room, locker and break rooms, and an exterior rooftop patio with vegetative roof. Training rooms, conference rooms, an exercise room, and wellness and quiet rooms are also integrated into the layout.

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