CALQ and Bond Society

CALQ and Bond Society


PONG : 20th century heritage revealed by its new uses

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May 27, '24 7:49 PM EST
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In March 2024, Calq and Bond Society completed the refurbishment and conversion of a high-rise office building into an innovative mixed-use programme (coliving, coworking and PAB)named PONG for Covéa Immobilier, project owner, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. 

42, rue Cambronne, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, the transformation of the building constructed in the early 1970s by architect Marcel Roux to house ADOMA’s head office is complete. Reflecting the architectural practice of the time, the composition is clear and legible: a systematic facade of prefabricated concrete panels covers the different volumes. 

The building features three superimposed volumes (a base projecting slightly from the street, a bar and a tower), separated from each other by hollow-jointed storeys (the ground floor and the G+4). 

Underpinning the new project led by Covéa Immobilier, this architectural composition has been preserved and enhanced, allowing each programme to intuitively find its place and benefit from outdoor space.

The horizontal volume houses office space used for coworking, the ground floor is lively and open to the city, while the basements have been transformed to house double-height activities open to the public. These interventions have revitalised the relationship between the building and the city.

The vertical volume is home to a new type of coliving accommodationg

To keep pace with changing lifestyles, PONG offers young professionals a range of new and complementary uses, including coliving accommodation and a coworking facility that is technologically adapted to young companies. In addition, the building offers 1,100 sq. m. of activities open to the public (ERP - 3rd category), a café and a community centre.

The coliving flats, developed by the start-up Colonies, are located in the upper part of the building (G+5 to G+13) and have a welcoming rooftop. Thanks to its experience in coliving, the Bond Society agency was able to support the integration of this new use.

Coworking - An incubator for new technologies

Like a forum, PONG is a welcoming, multi-activity place for intergenerational exchange.

The first three coworking levels are spaces to be fitted out, delivered open plan, with optimised ceiling heights. 

The G+4, a hollow joint between volumes, marks the superimposition of the mix and defines the silhouette of PONG. The large bay windows all along the wasp-waisted facade converse with the outside and echo the transparency created on the ground floor.