IIDA NY’s Signature Design Exchange Round Table Returns

By thomas_doherty
Jun 8, '23 11:13 AM EST

The International Interior Design Association’s New York Chapter (IIDA NY) is proud to host the in-person return of the Design Exchange Round Table (DEX NYC®) on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 5:30pm-10pm at the Prince George Ballroom in New York City. This signature event brings together creatives from multiple disciplines to promote the communication of ideas across industry barriers.

DEX NYC®, an annual, invite-only, one-night event, emphasizes the cross pollination of design disciplines in an engaging, communal setting. DEX NYC® challenges designers of all trades to connect with creative professionals and exchange bold, new ideas and objects that push the creative boundaries of design. This roundtable event will feature 12 creative professionals from a variety of design disciplines. 

“DEX NYC® connects people, places, objects and ideas in a lively communal experience to talk about design,” said Amy Mays, Co-Chair of IIDA NY’s DEX NYC® Committee. “This event is intended to unlock unexpected moments of inspiration and discover the unique crossroads of different types of design. The value of these connections proves mutually beneficial for both the speaker and participants, exposing new lenses and views from another world of design.” 

This year’s DEX NYC® speakers will include makeup guru Margina Dennis, bestselling children’s author Raj Haldar, documentarian and commercial film director Peter Sillen, photographer Spencer Ostrander, brand and innovation strategist Elizabeth Talerman, organic farming expert Will Leibee, design trend forecaster Nicki Gondell, singer-songwriter Kat Spina, jewelry designer Ayala Naphtali, museum docent Diane Simon, distiller and beekeeper Claire Marin, and more. 

“We’re so thrilled that this gathering is returning to its original in-person format,” said Jennifer Eno, Co-Chair of IIDA NY’s DEX NYC® Committee. “This event provides an opportunity for design professionals to connect and interact on a personal level. Being present at an event with like-minded individuals can be inspiring and motivating.” 

A dessert and champagne reception will follow the roundtable to give participants additional time to connect with designers in a casual, informal meeting.   



The IIDA New York Chapter (IIDA NY) is a professional networking and educational association of more than 800 Members in five specialty Forums. IIDA NY provides its Members with the resources to reach expertise, knowledge and contacts. Networking events allow professionals and industry members to connect on more personal terms that encourage trust, collaboration and innovation. In 2021, IIDA NY formed Equity Council, an independent, open and inclusive body of participants who may or may not be members of IIDA. Their goal is to foster engagement and accountability toward meaningful change in the design industry, advocating for increased equity in the field through four key pillars: inclusion, diversity, education and communication. The Chapter is proud to have been recognized as IIDA Large Chapter of the Year in 2011, 2008, 2001 and 2000. For more information, visit: