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Artistic Design Implementation for Luxury Majlis in Oman

By Luxury Antonovich Design
Jan 26, '22 5:51 AM EST

The majlis is one of the major areas in every interior design of every residential villa, hotel, fine dining restaurant, and another governmental establishment. Majlis is very well known and used in Arabian countries as it has one of the major requirements in every interior design setup. Decorating a majlis or performing the interior design implementations for majlis in Oman is such a challenging task. It requires full dedication, focus, and attention to every detail to be able to perform the most accurate interior design arrangement that suits the client's requirements. Space planning would be one of the most important stages in developing a majlis interior design though the majlis area usually has the most spacious area in the full interior, design management is still a must. Once that the full area has been well implemented with accurate space planning, the full majlis interior will surely achieve the perfect balance in style and decoration set up. An accurate space planning development will also lead to a more functional interior design setting and will avoid design congestion.


Since the majlis area is commonly being used for Arabian homes and establishments, it is often being decorated with a classical interior design arrangement. The classic design concept is also reflected in an Arabian style design which is also being used for palaces, royal villas, and luxury hotels. Most of the majlis interior concept is also being based on the concept design of the full establishment of the residential houses to maintain design consistency. However, aside from the classical interior design concept, every project owner can freely decide about the concept design that they prefer when it comes to the majlis interiors. It is always very important to consider every point and suggestion of the project owner to be able to achieve the perfect form of uniqueness and personalized interior design setup. Most especially that the majlis is one of the major areas of the house, wherein guests, relatives, and visitors are used to gather. Majlis' interior design should always reflect t the owner or the family’s lifestyle.


With the finest touch of class and modernity, this amazing majlis interior design has been very well designed with the coziest and relaxing atmosphere. The design team has indeed selected the finest texture and hues with the greatest combination of luxury furniture design. This majlis interior has a very spacious and pleasant mood that creates a very relaxing and calmness. Every furniture design has been meticulously selected having the highest quality of materials and perfect form of finishing. The full decorations and accessories indeed complement every design detail of the full interior design set up which has been resulted in a very pleasing mood. The Luxury Antonovich Design team has been selected as the most prestigious decoration. The charming hues of pink for the sofa arrangement have complimented the very classy and modern interior mood of the majlis area.