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BBC Studios & BBC Global News, Singapore office

By Conexus Studio
Mar 5, '21 3:54 AM EST
BBC Studios and BBC Global News are trademarks of the British Broadcasting Corporation and are used under license.⁠
BBC Studios and BBC Global News are trademarks of the British Broadcasting Corporation and are used under license.⁠

Conexus Studio designs BBC Studios and BBC Global News office in Singapore Bringing out Bold British Creativity with a Versatile and Collaborative Workplace

As Singapore settles into Phase 3 of reopening, staff working in the country’s BBC outposts can look forward to returning to a new workplace transformed in ways that go much deeper than aesthetics. Located at 18 Robinson, a mixed-development complex in the city’s Central Business District, the new joint office for BBC Studios and BBC Global News was completed in late 2020, after the city’s lockdown during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Designed and built in partnership with Conexus Studio, the new 6,491sf office is slightly bigger – just 614 square feet – than its previous location a stone’s throw away at Springleaf Tower. Yet the space represents a significant move for the two BBC operations in Singapore, shifting away from a fixed desk setup towards a more agile one, as part of the company’s move to modernise its workplace. The new office also reflects the company’s goal of putting employee experience first, by delighting its users while fostering community and productivity.

With these objectives in mind, Conexus Studio developed a series of settings that supported work-style flexibility and kept people and ideas flowing freely across a high-performing workplace. “A strategic mix of formal and informal, and individual and group working spaces in turn inspire, rejuvenate, as well as balance personal productivity with collaboration,” explains Conexus Studios’ design director Aviruth Trungtreechart.

Without a formal reception area, the walkway leading to the new office is a transitional space where Conexus Studio wanted to create an impactful experience that could connect visitors to the BBC’s brand and values. A minimalist signage wall accosts the eyes, followed by a thriving vertical garden, paying homage to the company’s green ethos. As one enters the office, a wall of oversized screens showcasing latest works immerse the visitor in the world of the BBC.

Here, the path splits into two distinct neighbourhoods. To the left, the pantry is the pulsing heart of the office, a fluid and rejuvenating space abuzz with different activities throughout the day. Flexible seating options regularly draw employees to not just work and have meals, but also meet up and socialise at other times. The versatile space combines also easily with the meeting rooms, which open up fully to cater for townhall meetings and screening events of up to 100 people (when social distancing rules do not apply). To the right of the entrance, the back office is sophisticated and restrained, an antithesis to the energetic pantry where productive work thrives amidst awe-inspiring views of neighbouring skyscrapers. Secondary circulation pathways nest restful nooks, offering a retreat from the open environment and bringing respite to a busy day. Natural textures and motifs drawn from the local context are integrated into the design and give the office a sense of its location. Sketches of Singapore attractions adorn meeting room doors, which double as privacy screens as well as eye-catching wayfinding signages. The interior design also honours the BBC’s commitment to sustainability and highlights a strong connection to nature with a strong use of greenery and natural materials seamlessly integrated throughout the office. “Our new office really reflects the BBC and our bold British Creativity,” comments Ryan Shiotani, SVP & General Manager, South & South East Asia for BBC Studios. “The environment that Conexus has created reflects our sustainability principles and is one that our teams will be happy working in.”

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