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What it means to be “at home”

By sincereyeung
Jun 11, '21 12:56 PM EST

This year we changed our company name to illustrate our commitment to “home” and all it means to us.   At Amberleaf, we are the embodiment of quality and precision engineering in our millwork and casework.  Yet “home” means something much greater than our product quality for all of us.

When we came to this country more than 50 years ago, we joined a community known for its opportunity for all.  Your dreams could come true in this land where its doors, gates and borders invited the world to walk through and experience freedom in an unparalleled way.  It became our home and the home for millions of people from all over the world. 


That dream is still very much alive today, but it is being challenged in a profound way -the sad marginalization and threat to the lives of those who are as much Americans as those who came here first.

At Amberleaf Home, we are committed to reminding us all that this country is home to a diverse, culturally rich, fiercely loyal and dedicated community of people who should stand together, united by our ideals and never divided by our fear.  What it means to be “at home” is to be a welcoming, kind, safe and secure place for all to gather around the table we call America.

Please join me in our quest to make our country a better place for all.