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Russell and Dawson Inc. delivered Pro Bono Structural Design Services for Community Child Guidance Clinic, CT

By rdaep
Aug 27, '21 5:12 AM EST
Growing Spaces, Growing Dome
Growing Spaces, Growing Dome

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East Hartford, Connecticut, August 27, 2021

Russell and Dawson Inc. is proud to be part of community engagement and involvement by providing Pro-Bono Structural Design Services for Growing Spaces Growing Dome® which was a greenhouse project for CCGC. The dome design involved single door, multiple windows and guidelines for reinforced concrete, structural steel, wood and thermal & moisture protection with an 18’ diameter and 11’ height meeting various loads (live, dead, snow, wind), seismic and local codes located at Manchester, CT.

This project has been built on a concrete pier foundation having a wood superstructure. The 18’ Dome was specially designed to provide healthy, behavioral and therapeutic support to mentally challenged children otherwise struggling to cope in public school settings.

Chirag B. Thaker, President, Russel and Dawson Inc said “Pro bono work positively impacts our reality and future. Through skilled volunteering within communities, engineers embrace the entire scope of services in view of shared objectives – making the world a better place to live, improving lives and leaving a lasting legacy”.

"We recently started using Russell and Dawson for a project at my nonprofit agency and they have been very professional. Tom Manning is great to work with and he goes above and beyond with his level of detail and communication. Would highly recommend." said Kevin McMahon, Director of Marketing, Communications and Development, CCGC

About Community Child Guidance Clinic (CCGC):

The Community Child Guidance Clinic (CCGC) is a private and non-profit mental health agency for children with emotional and behavioral issues. They provide special education day school and a system for child and family-focused mental health services since 1959 in Manchester and surrounding towns, more details at

About Russell and Dawson Inc:

Russell and Dawson Inc. is a client-1st architectural design, engineering and construction services firm based out of Hartford, Connecticut. Since 1965, Russell and Dawson has created more than 100 million square feet of space with trust and creativity through the execution of more than 10,000 projects across various sectors. For more info visit