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The American Institute of Architects (AIA) elevates new fellows to its prestigious College of Fellows

By splusarchitecture
Jul 1, '19 4:57 AM EST

WASHINGTON – Feb. 22, 2019 - The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is elevating 115 member-architects to its prestigious College of Fellows, an honor awarded to members who have made significant contributions to the architecture profession.

The fellowship program was developed to elevate those architects who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession and made a significant contribution to architecture and society on a national level. Prospective candidates must have at least 10 years of AIA membership and demonstrated influence in at least one of the following areas:

·         Promoted the aesthetic, scientific, and practical efficiency of the profession;

·         Promoted the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training or practice;

·         Coordinated the building industry and the profession of architecture through leadership in the AIA or other related professional organizations; or

·         Advanced the living standards of people through an improved environment.

Fellows are selected by a seven-member Jury of Fellows. This year’s jury included Chair Mary P. Cox, FAIA, Virginia Commonwealth University; Peter Bardwell, FAIA, Bardwell + Associates, LLC; Mary A. Burke, FAIA, Burke Design & Architecture PLLC; Philip Castillo, FAIA, Jahn; Mary Johnston, FAIA, Johnston Architects, LLC; Paul Mankins, FAIA, Substancearchitecture; and Nancy Rogo Trainer, FAIA, Drexel University.

The newly elevated members and their AIA component affiliations are listed below. For complete details and images, visit the fellows directory.

Terry Lee Allers, FAIA (AIA Iowa)

Norman R. Alston, FAIA (AIA Texas Society of Architects)

Raya Ani, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Ruth Baleiko, FAIA (AIA Washington Council)

Mara Baum, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Bruce Redman Becker, FAIA (AIA Connecticut)

Raymond Beeler, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Kai-Uwe Bergmann, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Janette S. Blackburn, FAIA (AIA Massachusetts)

Joseph Brancato, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Kim D Bretheim, FAIA (AIA Minnesota)

John H Britton, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Peter Brown, FAIA (AIA Texas Society of Architects)

Robert Bullis, FAIA (AIA Texas Society of Architects)

Michael Burch, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Joseph P. Caprile, FAIA (AIA Illinois)

Stephen Cassell, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Yung Ho Chang, FAIA (AIA Massachusetts)

Jeanne Chen, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Leo Chow, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Lisa M. Chronister, FAIA (AIA Oklahoma)

Robert Condia, FAIA (AIA Kansas)

Robert Cozzarelli, FAIA (AIA New Jersey)

Brandon Dake, FAIA (AIA Missouri)

Manoj Dalaya, FAIA (AIA Virginia)

John R. DaSilva, FAIA (AIA Massachusetts)

Jeffrey L. Day, FAIA (AIA Nebraska)

Timothy E. de Noble, FAIA (AIA Kansas)

Roy T. Decker, FAIA (AIA Mississippi)

Jared Della Valle, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Melissa DelVecchio, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Bruce D. Eisenberg, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Thomas Fowler, IV, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Wyatt J Frantom, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Craig S. Galati, FAIA (AIA Nevada)

Mark Gangi, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Pete Ed Garrett, FAIA (AIA Texas Society of Architects)

Nicholas Garrison, FAIA (AIA New York State)

John P Gering, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Anzilla R. Gilmore, FAIA (AIA Texas Society of Architects)

Martin A. Gold, FAIA (AIA Florida)

Jordan Goldstein, FAIA (AIA Washington, DC)

Jeffrey Gunning, FAIA (AIA Texas Society of Architects)

Tushar Gupta, FAIA (AIA Texas Society of Architects)

Sharon Helene Haar, FAIA (AIA Michigan)

Todd R. Hanson, FAIA (AIA New Hampshire)

John Harrison, FAIA (AIA Washington Council)

Dominique M. Hawkins, FAIA (AIA Pennsylvania)

David B. Hill, FAIA (AIA North Carolina)

Kevin M. Holland, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Thomas L. Hoskens, FAIA (AIA Minnesota)

Aaron Jon Hyland, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Thomas Lee Hysell, FAIA (AIA Minnesota)

Darren L. James, FAIA (AIA Texas Society of Architects)

Thomas C. Jester, FAIA (AIA Maryland)

Michael W. Johns, FAIA (AIA Pennsylvania)

Bill Johnson, FAIA (AIA Missouri)

James Kalvelage, FAIA (AIA Oregon)

Mitra Kanaani, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Brian Kowalchuk, FAIA (AIA New Jersey)

Alison G. Kwok, FAIA (AIA Oregon)

Joseph Dye Lahendro, FAIA (AIA Virginia)

Samuel M. Lasky, FAIA (AIA Massachusetts)

Tracy Lea, AIA, FAIA (AIA Louisiana)

Michael N. Lykoudis, FAIA (AIA Indiana)

William T Mahan, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Michael S. Martin, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Michael McCulloch, FAIA (AIA Oregon)

Debi McDonald, FAIA (AIA Massachusetts)

Sandra McKee, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Louis A. Meilink, Jr., FAIA (AIA Pennsylvania)

Christine Mondor, FAIA (AIA Pennsylvania)

Julia Monk, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Nick Noyes, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Brandon Pace, FAIA (AIA Tennessee)

Jeffrey Paine, FAIA (AIA North Carolina)

Patrick Panetta, FAIA (AIA Arizona)

Richard I. Pigford, FAIA (AIA Alabama)

Burchell Pinnock, FAIA (AIA Virginia)

Jack Poling, FAIA (AIA Minnesota)

Bradford J. Prestbo, FAIA (AIA Massachusetts)

Tina Marie Reames, FAIA (AIA New Mexico)

Richard Renner, FAIA (AIA Maine)

Patricia Rhee, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Lyn Rice, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Francisco Javier Rodrígue, FAIA (AIA International Chapters)

William T Ruhl, FAIA (AIA Massachusetts)

Mary Elizabeth Rusz, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Constantine Nicholas Sak, FAIA (AIA Arizona)

Lee Salin, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Joel Sanders, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Mark Schatz, FAIA (AIA Texas Society of Architects)

Thomas J Schoeman, FAIA (AIA Nevada)

Bart Shaw, FAIA (AIA Texas Society of Architects)

Steven Shinn, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Daniel Simons, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Murat Soygenis, FAIA (AIA International Chapters)

Marc B. Spector, FAIA (AIA New York State)

James G. Spencer, FAIA (AIA California Council)

Karl W. Stumpf, FAIA (AIA Washington, DC)

Janet Tam, FAIA (AIA California Council)

David Thaddeus, FAIA (AIA North Carolina)

Jimmie E. Tucker, FAIA (AIA Tennessee)

Ursula Twombly, FAIA (AIA Wisconsin)

Nicholas E. Vlattas, FAIA (AIA Virginia)

Dennis Wedlick, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Andrew Whalley, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Jim Whitaker, FAIA (AIA North Carolina)

Jan Willemse, FAIA (AIA Oregon)

William K. Wilson, FAIA (AIA Oregon)

Dan Worth, FAIA (AIA Nebraska)

Brian T. Wurst, FAIA (AIA South Carolina)

Gregory A Yager, FAIA (AIA International Chapters)

RIchard C. Yancey, FAIA (AIA New York State)

Robert E. Yohe, FAIA (AIA Florida)

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