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By Designworkshop
May 21, '19 8:46 AM EST

Seminal and influential South African sculptor Jackson Hlungwani [1923 -2010] is renowned for carving into the softwood of fallen trees, stopping only as he felt the resisting density of the hardwood core. Remarkably, almost magically, a form of life always emerged, as if it had been sleeping inside the log all along. A fish, a bird, a snake, revealed only through Mr Hlungwani’s urge to discover and release the essence of what was always there.

We share this story because, for 20 years Designworkshop’s efforts have been inspired by the same urge: to explore, penetrate, understand, reveal, define, bring to life, and ultimately enable the full depth of possibility that exists in the essence of every project.

So we are really excited to share The Road we have journeyed since our beginning in 1998, and the Reason & Ideas that underlie the wide range of projects that we have been incredibly privileged to collaborate on.